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1. Alternatively named Christmas Star, what flower was named by the United States' first ambassador to Mexico?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (3)
Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (4) Answer: PoinsettiaInteresting Information:

Joel Roberts Poinsett first named the poinsettia in 1828 while he was the U.S. Minister to Mexico. In addition to Mexico, the poinsettia is indigenous to Guatemala. Difficulty: Very Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

Snapdragon, Holly, Hydrangea

2. What would you be studying if you saw arches, whorls and loops?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (5) Answer: Fingerprints

Interesting Information:

The ridges on the fingertips known as fingerprints are useful for grip in humans. They can also be used as identification of criminals through a database of fingerprints that can be searched for repeat offenders.Difficulty: Very Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

Gates, Bushes, Swimming pools

3. What company logo, featured in the movie "Cast Away", contains an arrow between two of the letters?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (6) Answer: FedEx

Interesting Information:

Once you see the arrow between the "E" and the "x" (the white space) in FedEx, you'll see it every time. It's a secondary addition by the logo designers to indicate movement and speed.Difficulty: Average.

Some incorrect choices:

DHL, UPS, United States Postal Service (USPS)

4. What does Volkswagen, the popular German car, mean in English?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (7) Answer: people's car

Interesting Information:

The Volkswagen Beetle was VW's first car, released in 1938. It was designed by Ferdinand Porsche under the direction of Adolph Hitler. The "people's car" was not known as the Beetle until 1967. Difficulty: Very Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

yoked wagon, vehicle of the Fatherland, parent's auto

5. The Roaring Twenties ushered in some new and unusual styles of clothing. On what part of your body would you wear a cloche?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (8) Answer: The head

Interesting Information:

The cloche hat is a bell-shaped hat that was popular during the 1920s. Cloche hats were usually made of felt so that they fitted close to the head. Cloche is the French word for bell!Difficulty: Average.

Some incorrect choices:

The feet, The hands, Around the waist

6. What famous actress, while on a war bond tour, died when her plane slammed into a mountain just outside of Las Vegas on 16th January, 1942?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (9) Answer: Carole Lombard

Interesting Information:

All were killed on the plane which was given faulty elevation data on the mountain height. The plane hit ten feet below the top. Parts of the plane are still visible. Clark Gable never got over the loss of what he called "the love of his life."Difficulty: Hard.

Some incorrect choices:

Jayne Mansfield, Linda Darnell, Isadora Duncan

7. In what month is the official first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (10) Answer: June

Interesting Information:

The official first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere is the day when the Summer Solstice occurs, on the day of the year when the Sun is farthest North. It is commonly called The Longest Day of the Year. This day most often falls on June 21, but can also be on June 20. Difficulty: Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

May, July, April

8. What are you cutting if you are using pinking shears?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (11) Answer: fabric

Interesting Information:

Pinking shears are used to cut fabric. They have a sawtooth type blade which cuts fabric leaving a zig-zag edge. This keeps fabric from fraying.Difficulty: Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

flowers, hair, glass

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9. What does the Latin word 'circa' mean when preceding a date?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (12) Answer: Around

Interesting Information:

Circa is often used in historical writing if there is uncertainty about the precise date of an event.
Difficulty: Very Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

Before, After, Ending

10. Sometimes used to indicate weight, an octothorpe is also known as ....?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (13) Answer: Number, Hash or Pound Sign (#)

Interesting Information:

In most regions of the United States, the symbol is traditionally called the pound sign, but in others, the number sign. In Canada, the symbol is traditionally referred to as the number sign while in Britain it is known as the hash sign. In fact, major telephone equipment manufacturers, such as Nortel, have an option in their programming to indicate Canadian Pronunciation, which in turn instructs the system to say "Number Sign" to callers instead of "Pound Sign".Difficulty: Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

Question Mark (?), Ampersand (&), At Sign (@)

11. Where would you find a gnomon?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (14)
Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (15) Answer: On a sundial

Interesting Information:

The gnomon is the little pointer that casts the shadow on the face of a sundial.Difficulty: Average.

Some incorrect choices:

In your foot, Inside a TV set, Under the sea

12. Spinach consumption rose by over 33% in the USA in 1931. What is the main reason commentators give for this?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (16) Answer: The release of the "Popeye" comic strip

Interesting Information:

The first Popeye comic strip series appeared in 1931 - and as a result, kids thought they could build their muscle power up quickly by consuming massive amounts of the green vegetable. Either that, or Moms saw it as a good excuse to persuade their kids to eat some greens!Difficulty: Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

Failure of the cabbage crop in Idaho, A sales promotion campaign by Ford, It was FDR's favourite food

13. Which food item connects a 1970s American band featuring David Gates and a 1980s British sitcom written by Carla Lane?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (17) Answer: Bread

Interesting Information:

David Gates was the main songwriter for the American band Bread. They had hits with such songs as "If", "It Don't Matter To Me" and "Guitar Man".
Carla Lane's sitcom "Bread" was set in Liverpool and featured the machinations of the Boswell family. The grown-up children all lived at home with their parents and survived with a combination of dodgy dealings, benefit fraud and occasionally legitimate employment.Difficulty: Hard.

Some incorrect choices:

Rice, Potato, Chocolate

14. In their slogan, how many varieties is the Heinz company famous for?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (18) Answer: 57 Varieties

Interesting Information:

The number 57 does not relate to the quantity of products offered by the Heinz company. The numbers 5 and 7 held a special significance for founder H.J. Heinz and his wife, he adopted the slogan 57 Varieties. Difficulty: Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

47 Varieties, A lot of Varieties, 27 Varieties

15. Leo the Lion was the mascot for which film studio?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (19) Answer: MGM

Interesting Information:

Leo roared at the start of all Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer productions.
Tri-Star's mascot is Pegasus; RKO is a radio tower radiating lightning on top of the world; Paramount's symbol is a mountain surrounded by 22 stars (a trivia question in itself).Difficulty: Very Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

Tri-Star, RKO, Paramount

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16. What is the name given to a screwdriver with a four pointed pattern?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (20) Answer: Phillips head

Interesting Information:

The shape of a screw or screw driver with a four pointed or cross-shaped pattern is the 'Phillips head', also known as the 'crosshead'. Named for Henry F. Phillips (1890 - 1958), a U.S. businessman from Portland, Oregon. He successfully patented the design, though copies soon flooded the market.

Difficulty: Average.

Some incorrect choices:

Flat head, Star head, Double-flat head

17. What was the name of both the site of the "pleasure dome" in "Kubla Khan" and a 1980 movie starring Olivia Newton-John?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (21) Answer: Xanadu

Interesting Information:

"Kubla Khan" was a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge who also penned "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner". The incorrect choices are associated with Doris Duke, Sir Thomas More and Henry David Thoreau. Difficulty: Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

Shangri La, Utopia, Walden

18. What is the colloquial name for a New Zealander?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (22) Answer: Kiwi

Interesting Information:

Kiwi, Moa, Takahe and Kakapo are all flightless birds of New Zealand. Originally the nickname came about during WWI, the Regimental sign for New Zealand troops featured the kiwi. Gradually over time it came to represent all New Zealanders.Difficulty: Very Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

Moa, Kakapo, Takahe

19. What do hodophobia and St Christopher have in common?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (23) Answer: travel

Interesting Information:

Hodophobia is fear of travel and St Christopher is widely regarded as the patron saint of travel. He is also the patron saint against toothache, storms and floods. Difficulty: Average.

Some incorrect choices:

toothache, storms, floods

20. We like to exercise to the Village People singing "YMCA", but what does YMCA stand for?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (24) Answer: Young Men's Christian Association

Interesting Information:

The YMCA, founded on June 6, 1844 in London, England, by George Williams, was originally formed to help young men who were coming to the city looking for work, and had nowhere to stay. In many parts of the world the YMCA still provides accommodation, but the main emphasis nowadays is on health and physical fitness. Difficulty: Very Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

Young Male's Catholic Alliance, Young Men's College Affliliation, Young Male's Calisthenics Association

21. Which mythological creature lends its name to an US city, an Irish park, and a Harry Potter novel?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (25)
Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (26) Answer: Phoenix

Interesting Information:

The phoenix is a mythological bird which dies in a burst of flame, only to rise again from the ashes. Phoenix, Arizona is the most well known, but there are fourteen states in the USA which have a city called Phoenix. The Phoenix Park, located in Dublin, Ireland, is one of the largest enclosed urban parks in Europe. Difficulty: Very Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

Gryphon, Siren, Centaur

22. What stuffed tiger that belongs to Calvin from the comics shares his name with the last name of Miranda the lawyer on TV's "Sex and the City"?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (27) Answer: Hobbes

Interesting Information: tells us that Calvin and Hobbes have been entertaining readers since their introduction in 1985. Bill Watterson is the creative mind behind Calvin and his trusty tiger. The last strip ran on December 31, 1995.Difficulty: Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

Tony, Harvey, Thomas

23. What word meaning to worship or respect is also the last name of an American Revolutionary dentist and silversmith?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (28) Answer: Revere

Interesting Information:

Paul Revere is best known for his "Midnight Ride", in which he helped to warn fellow Americans of the movements of the British Army.Difficulty: Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

Franklin, Exalt, Venerate

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24. What animal do these names have in common: Cornelius, Cogburn, Foghorn, and Chanticleer?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (29) Answer: Rooster

Interesting Information:

Foghorn Leghorn was the rooster of Warner Brother cartoons. Reuben J. 'Rooster' Cogburn was played by John Wayne, while Kellogg's Corn Flakes mascot is Cornelius Rooster. Finally, Chanticleer is a rooster appearing in fables with Reynard the Fox and in Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales.Difficulty: Very Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

Chimpanzee, Cobra, Pelican

25. What name do TV's "The Jetsons" share in common with baseball players Nolan Ryan, Jeff Bagwell, and Craig Biggio?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (30) Answer: Astro

Interesting Information:

The name in common is Astro. IMDb tells us that "The Jetsons" were on air from 1962 to 1988, with the lovable Astro as their family dog. Nolan Ryan, Jeff Bagwell, and Craig Biggio are former star players for the Houston Astros of the National League.Difficulty: Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

Red Sox, Tigers, Dodgers

26. The City of Light did see me rise, to great heights I do soar, by strength of iron my feet never leaving the earthen floor. What am I?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (31) Answer: The Eiffel Tower

Interesting Information:

The Eiffel Tower an iron structure was built in the city of Paris, France during the period 1887 to 1889. The tower was designed by Gustave Eiffel. At the time of its completion it was the tallest tower in the world. It is a popular tourist destination having been visited by many hundreds of millions. Difficulty: Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

Mount Everest, The Colossus of Rhodes, The Pyramid of Khufu

27. If your surname is Cooper, what was the likely occupation of one of your ancestors?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (32) Answer: Barrel Maker

Interesting Information:

Cooperage is the name given to the occupation of barrel, or wooden cask, making and Cooper is the name given to the craftsman. Many surnames developed from the family occupation in ancient times, hence the common surnames of Smith, Potter and Fletcher in English speaking countries.Difficulty: Hard.

Some incorrect choices:

Blacksmith, Potter, Arrow maker

28. In which country, famed for its glaciers, sheep and rugby players, did the first commercial bungee-jump take place?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (33) Answer: New Zealand

Interesting Information:

New Zealanders, or Kiwis, are notorious for their participation in dangerous sports. The first bungee-jump was in Queenstown, on the South Island, from a small iron bridge that spans a white-water rafting river. Difficulty: Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

Argentina, Scotland, Greenland

29. Which item of clothing is also the name of a breed of cow, a traffic barrier, and a British island dependency?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (34) Answer: Jersey

Interesting Information:

It all begins with the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands, which became famous for its knitting in medieval times, giving its name to both a type of pullover and a type of knitted fabric. Jersey cattle were originally bred on the island of Jersey. The US state of New Jersey, named for the island, gave its name in turn to concrete barriers used to separate lanes of traffic, called Jersey barriers. Difficulty: Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

Cardigan, Aran, Polo

30. Superstition states that it will bring you good luck if you find what item and hang it over a door?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (35) Answer: Horseshoe

Interesting Information:

It has been claimed that a horseshoe must be lost by a horse and be found by you in order to bring you good luck and that's only if the open end is faced your way. To keep the luck from falling out, you are to hang it above a door with the open end facing toward the ceiling. Difficulty: Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

China cup, Starfish, Mistletoe

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31. On a standard computer keyboard, what is the only vowel that isn't on the top row of letters?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (36)
Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (37) Answer: A

Interesting Information:

On a standard QWERTY keyboard, all the vowels apart from "A" appear on the top line. "A" is normally situated between the "S" and the caps lock.Difficulty: Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

E, I, U

32. "Between love and madness lies..." What word completes this advertising slogan from Calvin Klein?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (38) Answer: Obsession

Interesting Information:

Obsession for women began to be sold in 1985, and the men's fragrance came out in 1986. In 2005, Obsession Night was released.Difficulty: Average.

Some incorrect choices:

Eternity, Euphoria, Hai Karate

33. Which name was both the birth name of Judy Garland and the middle name of Diana, Princess of Wales?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (39) Answer: Frances

Interesting Information:

Judy Garland was born Frances Ethel Gumm on June 10, 1922. Princess Diana was born Diana Frances Spencer.Difficulty: Average.

Some incorrect choices:

Elizabeth, Barbara, Jane

34. Which charitable organization was founded by London minister, William Booth, for the destitute, the hungry, the homeless, and the poor?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (40) Answer: The Salvation Army

Interesting Information:

Booth established his association in 1865. Giving up the comfort of his pulpit, he took God's message into the streets. Regular churchgoers were appalled by the unwashed and shabbily dressed converts joining them in their worship. Booth found a church and named it the East London Christian Mission. By the 1900s, the Salvation Army had spread around the world. It is now a well-organized mission today, all because one man gave up his own comforts to help others who had none. Difficulty: Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

United Way, UNICEF, The Samaritan Army

35. The cornucopia is a symbol for what American holiday?

Free Fun Trivia Questions and Answers [2023 Edition] (41) Answer: Thanksgiving

Interesting Information:

The cornucopia (better know as the "horn of plenty"), is frequently used as a symbol for Thanksgiving in the United States. The traditional cornucopia was used at harvest time. It was carved from a goat's horn and filled with fruit and grains.Difficulty: Easy.

Some incorrect choices:

Christmas, Easter, New Years

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    Today, Quora is a popular Q&A websites, helping connect experts for almost any topic imaginable.

    What app Can I ask questions and get answers to? ›

    ASKfm is the #1 Q&A social network that helps you to learn more about your friends, classmates, and people around. Follow your friends and discover their secrets anonymously. Just ask them! ANONYMITY: discover the secrets of your friends, classmates, and people nearby.

    What website gives factual questions answers? ›

    WolframAlpha (/ˈwʊlf. rəm-/ WUULf-rəm-) is an answer engine developed by Wolfram Research. It answers factual queries by computing answers from externally sourced data.

    What is the golden question? ›

    WHAT ARE 'GOLDEN QUESTIONS'? Golden questions are the smallest number of survey questions that can be used to reproduce market segments previously created from longer lists of questions.

    What is the 36 question game? ›

    The so-called 36 questions to fall in love are a set of questions developed in the 1990s by psychologists Arthur Aron, Ph. D., Elaine Aron, Ph. D., and other researchers to see if two strangers can develop an intimate connection just from asking each other a series of increasingly personal questions.

    What is the 10 question game? ›

    A student draws a card out and keeps it hidden from the class. The class then takes turns at asking yes/no questions to discover the type of litter on the card. For example, “Is it made from paper?”, “Do you drink out of it?”, etc. If the answer is “yes” then the student who asked the question has another turn.

    Does Quizizz monitor your screen? ›

    Quizizz may aggregate statistics about the behavior of visitors to our website and app to improve our services. For instance, Quizizz may monitor the most popular quizzes on the Quizizz site. Quizizz may display this information publicly or provide it to others.

    Does Quizizz show the correct answers? ›

    If you select Validate only, the student will get feedback on whether or not they got a question correct, but they will not be shown the correct answer if they get a question incorrect. When set to ON, students get to see whether they got the question correct/incorrect, along with the correct answer.

    What is the Quizizz code? ›

    Any game type on Quizizz carries a game code to play a quiz with students in your class. Each game code is unique and expires as soon as the game ends. You can generate a game code by hosting a quiz from your account. — Live or Homework.

    Is Quizizz free or paid? ›

    Do students have to pay to use Quizizz? Quizizz is free for students and they do not need to pay to participate in any of the quizzes or Lessons on the platform.

    How do you avoid cheating on Quizizz? ›

    Make your lesson and quiz private to prevent cheating - your students can't go into lessons and quizzes and view the answers prior to the quiz or class, and you can keep your content private if you are still working on it, per your requirement.

    Is Quizizz safe to use? ›

    To keep your personal data secure, all data is encrypted in transit, and we maintain up-to-date certificates with a verified third-party provider—DigiCert. All passwords are protected using the password-hashing function bcrypt.

    What are the top 10 quiz questions? ›

    General Knowledge Quiz 1
    • What is a group of crows called? ...
    • Compared to their body weight, what animal is the strongest - Dung Beetle, Elephant, Ant, Cow? ...
    • How many dots appear on a pair of dice? ...
    • Which is the only body part that is fully grown from birth? ...
    • What is acrophobia a fear of? ...
    • In what country was Elon Musk born?
    Jan 5, 2022

    What are the best questions for 20 questions? ›

    • Have You Ever Dine And Dashed At A Restaurant? ...
    • Would You Rather Have Endless Money Or Endless Love? ...
    • Have You Ever Been In A Car Crash — And It Was Your Fault? ...
    • If You Could Star In A Movie, What Movie Would It Be? ...
    • What Is Your Most Frequently Used Emoji? ...
    • What Was The Last Thing You Stole Or Shoplifted?
    Oct 17, 2017

    What is the game called 20 questions? ›

    twenty questions, guessing game in which one player thinks of an object and informs his opponents whether it is “animal, vegetable, or mineral” or, in some games, “abstract.” The others in turn ask questions designed to limit the field of inquiry and close in upon the answer.

    What are the greatest questions of all time? ›

    The biggest questions ever asked
    • The Big Questions: What is reality? ...
    • The Big Questions: What is life? ...
    • The Big Questions: Do we have free will? ...
    • The Big Questions: Is the universe deterministic? ...
    • The Big Questions: What is consciousness? ...
    • The Big Questions: Will we ever have a theory of everything?


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