Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics with answers (2023)

Multinational corporations: Are they devils in disguise?

Replies(1),Started: 01-6-2012,Last Reply: 12-22-2022 - Group Discussion

Multinational companies are blessing in disguise to any nation as they invest in the country, bring new technology which improves the economy of the country. Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics with answers (1)Is CBSE right in limiting its re-evaluation system?

Replies(1),Started: 06-21-2017,Last Reply: 11-18-2022 - uruetet

Rather than doing away with the re-evaluation system and making it selective, should the CBSE re-evaluate its decision? Let's delve into the matter and see whether CBSE scores brownie points, or the arguments are slated heavily in the favour of the students. Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools!

Replies(27),Started: 11-9-2015,Last Reply: 11-8-2022 - Giselle

Shouldn't children and their parents be allowed to decide whether they want Physical Education for their child or not? What has made it a mandatory course almost throughout the nation? Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali?

Replies(17),Started: 10-20-2014,Last Reply: 10-25-2022 - Matangi

Firecrackers are made of chemicals which are lethal to health. Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali? Let us discuss in this group discussion Is it reasonable to hold celebrities liable for endorsing false advertisements?

Replies(1),Started: 02-12-2014,Last Reply: 09-14-2022 - Rishika Jalan

Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics with answers (2)Do you take life too seriously?

Replies(9),Started: 07-3-2018,Last Reply: 08-25-2022 - Life

Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. - Elbert Hubbard Clean India - Attitude change is more important than the movement

Replies(64),Started: 10-4-2014,Last Reply: 07-25-2022 - T Ramesh

Should government have launched a mass awareness mission to change the mentality prior to Swach Bharat Abhiyan? Making people aware is important, but more important is that this awareness is converted to actions. Pokemon Go should not be officially launched in India!

Replies(2),Started: 07-29-2016,Last Reply: 06-29-2022 - karan

The date for official release of Pokemon Go is yet to be announced but India has already witnessed its first of many accidents due to this game. We Indians are already troubled by the number of road accidents increasing every year. Should the official launch be immediately banned to prevent further cases of road accidents in India? Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics with answers (3)Locky Ransomware: Top 10 things you must know

Replies(0),Started: 09-8-2017,Last Reply: 06-25-2022 - No Replies

Locky is the third major ransomware to hit India and CERT-in (Computer Emergency Response Team) has issued a warning. But what is Locky all about? And how can computer users safeguard their machines and their money from this vicious ransomware? Read on to know more about the latest ransomware on the scene. Should Maggi Be Banned?

Replies(34),Started: 05-29-2015,Last Reply: 06-22-2022 - P.S

(Video) Latest Group Discussion GD Topics for Interview 2022 | Current GD topics 2022 | SforShivani

Should Maggi Be Banned? - Group discussion topic. No one can ever forget the two minute advertisement of Maggi. It is one of the most loved fast-food in India. Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics with answers (4)Should pellet guns be banned?

Replies(0),Started: 08-22-2016,Last Reply: 04-25-2022 - No Replies

Children as young as 12 years old were injured which led the government to reconsider if pellet guns are more harmful that useful for restoring peace in an area of clash or unrest Atheism - Advantages and Disadvantages

Replies(3),Started: 04-4-2016,Last Reply: 04-20-2022 - Abby

Kashi to Kyoto - Mission Possible?

Replies(2),Started: 09-8-2014,Last Reply: 03-28-2022 - Mukteshwar

Should India have a one-child policy?

Replies(22),Started: 01-7-2014,Last Reply: 03-9-2022 - Ajayveer Singh Jammu

Should India have a one-child policy? Such question is obvious when India is poising itself to upstage China in population by 2030. Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics with answers (5)Mental wellness is the way to stay happy, healthy and wealthy

Replies(3),Started: 09-18-2018,Last Reply: 02-20-2022 - nishant

Exercise is a great way to improve your mental health. Physical activity not only adds years to your life but also keeps your memory sharp as you age. Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics with answers (6)How to write a thank you note after the interview?

Replies(1),Started: 09-14-2018,Last Reply: 02-20-2022 - nishant

The reasons are simple, a good thank you note helps you in 3 ways - It gives the interviewer a peek into your attitude.... Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics with answers (7)Why do you feel Stressed for no reason?

Replies(2),Started: 07-5-2018,Last Reply: 02-19-2022 - nishant

Mind is the greatest gift from God; it is the source of massive energy which you need to harness well. When negative emotions loom high, your own energy works against you. Your unorganized mind is the sheer reason for sleepless night, tension, stress and low productivity. Women should get to wear whatever they want!

Replies(3),Started: 10-5-2015,Last Reply: 01-25-2022 - Douth

Should English be banned in Indian Parliament!

Replies(6),Started: 11-20-2013,Last Reply: 11-23-2021 - Bibhav Ranjan Das

There is a big roar for banning addressals in English in Parliament. Is it English that is keeping us behind? or Is it just an issue to divert from many other core and burly issues? Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics with answers (8)10 reasons why India performs poorly in Olympics.

Replies(5),Started: 08-22-2016,Last Reply: 09-21-2021 - Jagadeswara Rao Tipirneni

(Video) Latest Group Discussion Topics 2021 | GD Topics with Answers | Job Interview

Russia and China walked out every time with multiple gold medals while India got only one since 1980 when Abhinav Bindra swayed them all in the 10 meter air rifle event in 2008. All our earlier medals were won in hockey. India produces so many worthy athletes every year and yet our medal count never soars high. Are mobile towers in residential areas harmful?

Replies(8),Started: 06-7-2016,Last Reply: 08-29-2021 - Judish

The harmful effect of having mobile towers in residential areas is highly debated. Some of the theories believe that there is no harm in having mobile towers in residential areas while the others cite the list of harms that could come from them. Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics with answers (9)Phrases to Agree, Disagree, Interrupt in a GD

Replies(4),Started: 08-7-2018,Last Reply: 07-24-2021 - felishiagreen

Some phrases that you can use to agree, disagree or interrupt politely in a group discussion. Useful to all the candidates preparing for their campus placement or entrance exams. Should Hindi be the official language of India?

Replies(48),Started: 01-8-2015,Last Reply: 07-17-2021 - Krishna Ramalingam

The National Language status for Hindi is a long debated subject across the nation today. The debate regarding the status of the official language of India is an ongoing process. One group of people demand Hindi to be recognized as the official language and another demand English. Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics with answers (10)Murderous Online Games - How to Protect Our Youth?

Replies(7),Started: 08-7-2017,Last Reply: 06-19-2021 - Murderous Online Games

Online games like Blue Whale and Slendarman have left parents of teenage children with sleepless nights. Here are some rituals we must follow as parents, society and media to ensure a good mental health for the youth. A must read for everyone who cares about children and youth. Gold monetization scheme - pros and cons

Replies(2),Started: 11-10-2015,Last Reply: 06-18-2021 - Harshal

Boarding school vs Day school - Which is better?

Replies(5),Started: 05-2-2016,Last Reply: 05-20-2021 - Satish Kumar

Along with the advantages, there definitely are some disadvantages that surround leaving your child at a boarding school Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics with answers (11)GD Tips - 5 Powerful ways to Initiate Group Discussion

Replies(6),Started: 07-14-2018,Last Reply: 03-26-2021 - Initiate Group Discussion

The role of an initiator in a GD is very important. Infact, far more important than you may think. Because, it is the right start to the GD that sets a right tone for the whole discussion and takes it in the right direction. And, this is what the initiator is rewarded for. What’s better - Regular College or correspondence courses?

Replies(21),Started: 06-25-2014,Last Reply: 03-2-2021 - Avishu Singh

Should WhatsApp be banned in India?

Replies(12),Started: 06-28-2016,Last Reply: 02-14-2021 - Ravi Prakash Sah

WhatsApp has become an addiction of its own kind. Should WhatsApp be banned in India? Let's see people's verdict in this Group Discussion Is Censorship Of Art Necessary?

Replies(3),Started: 03-4-2015,Last Reply: 01-19-2021 - Jay

(Video) Inflation In 2022? | Inflation | Group Discussion Topics With Answers | GD Ideas

Private or Government School - Which is better?

Replies(50),Started: 08-15-2014,Last Reply: 11-13-2020 - Daniyal qasim

Is that only the schools who are responsible for the development of the children? If so, which could be better private or the Government ones? Many feel that the private institutes are better over government schools, is that true? PM’s vision to make India a Manufacturing Hub - dream or a practical possibility?

Replies(7),Started: 08-19-2014,Last Reply: 10-17-2020 - Nweke Kosisochukwu Michael

Is PM’s vision of making India a Manufacturing Hub a dream or is that a practical possibility that could be accomplished with our best efforts? Social media is killing book reading habit!

Replies(17),Started: 09-19-2015,Last Reply: 07-1-2020 - Social media

It’s worthwhile to discuss on the thought that whether social media is killing the practice of reading books? A survey in UK showed that with the increasing age, the tendency to read a book decreases; the effect profoundly seen when comparison was made between three age groups - six to eight, 12-14 and 15-17 year old. Computers have resulted in unemployment

Replies(13),Started: 09-4-2013,Last Reply: 06-8-2020 - Timothy

In the early days, computer was known to be a luxury but in today’s time computer is the need of the hour and has become a necessity. As it is said, every coin has two sides so does computers have, if at one end it is creating more job opportunities for people on the other hand it is also taking away human efforts and their jobs to make jobs simple The pros and cons of using Bitcoin

Replies(2),Started: 07-9-2014,Last Reply: 05-23-2020 - Raj

Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment agencies

Replies(7),Started: 09-29-2015,Last Reply: 05-12-2020 - selvadee boolkan

A recruitment agency liaises between employers and job seekers to find out what positions are available, and who is best to fill them. Let us discuss Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment agencies here. Technology is killing human imagination!

Replies(17),Started: 01-4-2016,Last Reply: 03-30-2020 - inji

Has technology changed us for the better or the worse when it comes to furthering the cause of the human imagination? Let us explore the depth of the issue underlying the tradeoff between creativity and technology. Weak can never forgive, forgiveness is the attribute of the strong!

Replies(5),Started: 04-19-2016,Last Reply: 02-24-2020 - Nathan Diniz

When Mahatma Gandhi said, “The weak can never forgive; forgiveness is the attribute of the strong,” he meant it with his heart and soul but we talk of forgiveness only in vague terms. Human beings should be treated as 'ends' and not as 'means'

Replies(2),Started: 10-29-2015,Last Reply: 02-20-2020 - K.Montgomery

Population Growth - Boon or Bane to India's growth

Replies(7),Started: 09-3-2015,Last Reply: 02-18-2020 - Sikandar yadav

(Video) Latest Group Discussion GD Topics for Interview 2022 | Current GD topics 2022 | SforShivani

How to prepare for Placement Aptitude Test?

Replies(1),Started: 08-2-2018,Last Reply: 02-8-2020 - Prasanna

Learn how to prepare for the quantitative aptitude section of your placement test. Useful for all engineering, MBA, MCA, BCA and other students preparing for their campus placement and other entrance exams. Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics with answers (12)Underemployment is more serious than Unemployment

Replies(3),Started: 06-8-2017,Last Reply: 12-14-2019 - john

Unemployment, according to our age old beliefs is the main culprit of poverty in India. Underemployment could be a serious issue. Let's take a look in this group discussion 8 Tips to dress up for a Group Discussion and Interview!

Replies(0),Started: 02-8-2016,Last Reply: 12-9-2019 - No Replies

Should board exams in class 5 and 8 be re-introduced?

Replies(8),Started: 02-10-2016,Last Reply: 09-14-2019 - Suhana

Re-introducing board exams in class 5 and 8 (Topic of group discussion) seems to be an extreme measure. More board exams would only mean more stress to students at a tender age Should the retirement age be increased to 65 years?

Replies(4),Started: 02-12-2014,Last Reply: 09-4-2019 - SunnyLim

Polythene bags must be banned!

Replies(11),Started: 07-1-2015,Last Reply: 08-12-2019 - Sandip Kumar Pradhan

Does a ban on the use of polythene bags has any disadvantages? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of banning the polythene bags in the country. Jungle or Zoo - Which is the right place for animals?

Replies(13),Started: 10-8-2014,Last Reply: 08-2-2019 - hvs

Journalism should be out of the premises of censorship

Replies(8),Started: 01-2-2012,Last Reply: 07-6-2019 - Murthy

Bricks or blocks - which are better for construction?

Replies(3),Started: 05-11-2016,Last Reply: 06-26-2019 - h k abidi

Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics with answers (13)How to follow up after an interview?

Replies(0),Started: 09-14-2018,Last Reply: 06-2-2019 - No Replies

(Video) Group Discussion Topics | Current Affairs GD Topics with Answers | Job Interview |

Following up after an interview can be a tricky thing to do especially because while you want to be in touch with the employer < PrevNext >


What are the latest GD topics? ›

Current Affairs Topics for GD
  • Impact of COVID on the global economy.
  • Importance of public health post-COVID.
  • India's COVID-19 battle vs developed countries.
  • New world order – social distancing?
  • Are we a part of a virtual world post COVID?
  • Lockdown caused a dent in the Indian economy.
  • Citizenship Amendment Act.

What are the current GD topics 2022? ›

Latest GD Topics 2022 on Social Issues
  • Does India need a uniform civil code?
  • Shortage of Open Spaces and Playgrounds Lead to Negative Tendencies in Children.
  • Women Empowerment & Gender Justice.
  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao.
  • Nirbhaya Gang Rape: Death penalties for perpetrators of crime against women.

What are the recent topics? ›

Top 30 GD Topics of 2022:
  • 5G in India.
  • Russia-Ukraine war.
  • India @ 75.
  • Sri Lanka's Economic crisis.
  • Depreciation of the Indian Rupee.
  • Atmanirbhar bharat in the Defence sector.
  • COVID-19.
  • E-learning – Pros & Challenges.
Jan 4, 2023

What is best topic for discussion? ›

General Interest Group Discussion Topics
  • English must remain the official language of India. ...
  • Beef ban is illogical. ...
  • Love marriage vs. ...
  • Joint family vs. ...
  • Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are killing creativity. ...
  • A borderless world is practically impossible. ...
  • Corruption is a necessary evil.
Dec 7, 2020

How can I impress in GD topic? ›

  1. Rich Content with good subject knowledge. ...
  2. Be a Leader. ...
  3. Be relevant. ...
  4. Be a good Listener. ...
  5. Improve your Communication Skills.
  6. Body gestures: Very important tool for Group Discussion. ...
  7. No Aggressive Move. ...
  8. Don't Crisscross on your Ideas.

What is abstract topics for Gd? ›

The abstract topics can be in the form of quotes, phrases, statements, or even idioms. The message is hidden behind the given abstract topic. A candidate needs to understand the topic and the main motive behind it.

How do you start a GD line? ›

Use a simple beginning line such as “Hi everyone, my name is ____” and then come to the topic. Be confident while introducing yourself. When you introduce the topic to start a group discussion on, give a brief about what the topic is and then pass the baton.

How do you stand out in Gd? ›

  1. Awareness of Topics Relating to Your Background Is Crucial. ...
  2. Take the Lead. ...
  3. There Is No Place for Aggression in Group Discussions. ...
  4. Communicate Effectively. ...
  5. Listen Carefully, Do Not Just Hear. ...
  6. Work On Your Body Language. ...
  7. Avoid Deviating From the Topic. ...
  8. Be the First to Summarize the Discussion.
Feb 8, 2023

What are opinion seeking GD topics? ›

Opinion Seeking Topics

Eg: Nuclear Family or Joint Family, Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage, Democratic or Authoritarian and so on.

What are the 5 common topics? ›

The five common topics are: definition, comparison, circumstance, relationship, and authority. We start with definition. If two people can't agree on the definition of whatever they want to discuss, there's no point in moving forward with the conversation.

Which is the best topic for GD? ›

Business & Economy Topics for GD

Will reduced Goods & Services Tax (GST) help the Indian economy in growing faster? How is the falling rupee impacting the Indian economy? How capable in India of leading Solar Energy, Wind Energy revolution? Cashless Economy – Is India ready for it?

What should be avoided in Gd? ›

To help you clear this step successfully, we take you through 5 things you should avoid during a group discussion.
  • Allowing emotions to take over. ...
  • Prioritising quantity over quality. ...
  • Being overconfident or under-confident. ...
  • Cram too many statistics in your points. ...
  • Ignoring your body language. ...
  • 28 October, 2022.
  • 04 October, 2022.
Oct 4, 2022

What is topic based GD? ›

In a Topic-Based Group Discussion, the group is given a topic and the members are asked to discuss it. These topics could fall into any of the 4 categories: Controversial Topics, Knowledge, Based topics, Abstract Topics.

How do I summarize a GD topic? ›

Summarise all the points – The best way to conclude is to summarise all the points that you have discussed in brief and present your final take on the subject being discussed. Be concise – Make sure that you don't drag your conclusion. Keep it as short as possible and try to mention the points clearly.

What are controversial topics in a group discussion? ›

Human Gene editing – Good or Bad? Raising the age of marriage for women from 18 to 21 years – Pros & Cons.

What are the 3 C's of group discussion? ›

The three "Cs" which rank you high on this parameter are clarity (the main points to be discussed), content (the vertical depth in each point) and confidence.

What is a fun question to ask a group? ›

Awkward, Weird Icebreaker Questions

What's the weirdest food you've ever eaten? What's the most out-of-character thing you've ever done? What is your cellphone wallpaper? You can have an unlimited supply of one thing for the rest of your life, what is it?

What are good open discussion questions? ›

General Conversation Starters
  • What's the most interesting thing you've read lately?
  • What's a fact about you that's not on the internet?
  • Do you listen to any podcasts? ...
  • If you were in charge of the playlist, which song would you play next?
  • What's the best gift you've ever gotten?
Jul 18, 2022

Should I introduce myself in Gd? ›

Introduce yourself

While initiating the group discussion, try to introduce yourself before you start speaking on the topic. Take a moment to introduce yourself to other participants and the supervisor. For instance, you can start with a simple 'Hello, my name is Rajarshi,' and then continue with the topic.

What are the phrases used in Gd? ›

The phrases you could use include: “With due respect, I would like to put forward the point that…”
  • “I totally agree with….”
  • “As a matter of fact, X is right by saying that…”
  • “I think you are absolutely right”
  • “I have to side with X on this one”
  • “There can be no doubt that…”
Dec 15, 2017

What are the three parts of a Gd? ›

Answer: GD can be divided into 3 categories: - 1. Topical, 2. Case Study Based, 3. Abstract.

How do you nail a GD? ›

Tips to Win the Group Discussion
  1. Groom Yourself for GD. ...
  2. Take Clarifications if Required Beforehand. ...
  3. Always Carry Pen and Notebook. ...
  4. Initiate the Discussion if Possible. ...
  5. Maintain Eye Contact while Speaking. ...
  6. Be A Good Listener in Group Discussion. ...
  7. Speak well and Aloud. ...
  8. Maintain Decorum.

What are the do's and don'ts in Gd? ›

Dos of participating in a GD:

Listen to the subject carefully. Put down your thoughts on a paper. Initiate the discussion if you know the subject well. Listen to others if you don't know the subject.

What is hot topic of discussion? ›

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha hot issue/topic etca hot issue/topic etca subject that a lot of people are discussing, especially one that causes a lot of disagreement The affair was a hot topic of conversation.

What is social media GD topic? ›

Social media is the medium through which we communicate, make new friends, revive old friendships, share our opinions on everything under the sun, criticise each other, become keyboard warriors, learn to love ourselves with pictures filtered to hide flaws, and what not.

What are key topics? ›

Key topics are relevant to science and research

As cross-cutting issues, they may affect science and research as a whole or may be limited to individual areas (such as specific higher education sectors, research institutions or research fields).

What are some random topics? ›

Random topics to talk about
  • Cars. What was the first car you owned? ...
  • Holidays. What were your favorite holidays when you were a child? ...
  • Coffee. Do you like coffee? ...
  • Photography. Do you take a lot of pictures? ...
  • The beach. Do you like going to beaches? ...
  • Hiking. How often do you go on hikes? ...
  • Aliens. ...
  • Change.

What is the most interesting topics in the world? ›

Interesting Topics
  • Global warming.
  • Roe v. Wade.
  • Terrorism.
  • Sustainable marketing.
  • Biomes.
  • Autism.
  • Vegetarian and vegan diets.
  • Freedom of speech.

How do I find topics quickly? ›

Here are some of the ways I come up with interesting topics in order to keep readers engaged, informed, and coming back for more.
  1. Don't just read. ...
  2. Stay tuned into the voice of the people through social media comments. ...
  3. Visit some Q&A sites, and borrow their questions.
Aug 29, 2016

How can I clear my Gd without knowing the topic? ›

Tips to Win the Group Discussion
  1. Groom Yourself for GD. ...
  2. Take Clarifications if Required Beforehand. ...
  3. Always Carry Pen and Notebook. ...
  4. Initiate the Discussion if Possible. ...
  5. Maintain Eye Contact while Speaking. ...
  6. Be A Good Listener in Group Discussion. ...
  7. Speak well and Aloud. ...
  8. Maintain Decorum.

How do I start a GD without knowing the topic? ›

Start With a Question and Answer it Yourself

Frame a question in your mind and answer it all by yourself stating the relevant facts and details, rather than throwing the question at other candidates. This would help you take the lead in the group discussion and help you set a tone for the rest of the GD session.

What are the seven mistakes to avoid in a GD? ›

5 Mistakes to avoid in a Group Discussion?
  • Not allowing others to speak. ...
  • Getting into arguments. ...
  • Speaking too loud/too slow/too much. ...
  • Thinking that rest is better than me and keeping quiet. ...
  • Missing out on opportunities like initiating the gd, summarising the gd.

How can I introduce myself in Gd? ›

  1. Hi everyone, I am _____ and I would like to introduce the topic of this group discussion.
  2. Hello everyone, my name is ____ and I will be initiating the group discussion. I would like to ask a question from all of you. [ Add a question here relevant to the topic]
Feb 8, 2023

How can I make my discussion strong? ›

  1. Respect the contribution of other speakers. ...
  2. Listen well to the ideas of other speakers; you will learn something.
  3. Acknowledge what you find interesting.
  4. Remember that a discussion is not a fight. ...
  5. Respect differing views. ...
  6. Think about your contribution before you speak. ...
  7. Try to stick to the discussion topic.

How do you end a GD? ›

How to Conclude a GD. Summarise all the points – The best way to conclude is to summarise all the points that you have discussed in brief and present your final take on the subject being discussed.

What should you not do in a GD? ›

15 don'ts of group discussion
  1. Enter the conversation quickly. Quickly entering the conversation may show that you're unprepared. ...
  2. Overspeak. ...
  3. Speak about other topics. ...
  4. Repeat other participants. ...
  5. Speak or gesture boldly. ...
  6. Interrupt others. ...
  7. Bring irrelevant or false statistics. ...
  8. Appear insecure.
Oct 26, 2021

What are the 4 major areas of evaluation in Gd? ›

14 Parameters on Which You are Judged During GD/WAT-PI
  • 1) Communication Skills. In GD-PI, one of the most important things that are noticed is your communication skills. ...
  • 2) Writing Ability. ...
  • 3) Subject Knowledge. ...
  • 4) Listening Power. ...
  • 5) Attitude. ...
  • 6) Confidence. ...
  • 7) Leadership Skills. ...
  • 8) Way of Presenting Views.
Feb 17, 2023

What is controversial topics for Gd? ›

Debate topics 2023 with Answers (Pros & Cons): Are corporate jobs a new form of slavery? Is nuclear disarmament mandatory to achieve World Peace? Can Artificial intelligence replace Human intelligence?


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